Emergency Care


Should you require an emergency appointment, please call us on 9227 6468 as soon as possible. It’s important to act quickly. Gainingprompt dental advice can often help decrease the risk of further damage and possibly more extensive dental treatment at a later date.

We will endeavor to see you as soon as possible. We will generally work these appointments into our already pre-booked day of patients and will often offer appointments in the middle of the day. We always endeavor to see you at a time that suits you, however, if at times we may appear inflexible, please accept our apologies and remember that we are trying to operate fairly. We do not make exceptions for any one person; we value all of our patients equally and attempt to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible.

Although it can be possible to minimize or prevent the occurrence of some dental emergencies through preventative dental care, others aren’t as easily preventable. Below is a list of some common dental emergencies:

For dental emergencies please call 9227 6468 or for more information please see our Dental First Aid page.